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Weekly Rehearsals and Classes

Attendance will be taken at all rehearsals and classes.

Each member is allowed two excused absences prior to each major performance.   An absence will be considered excused if due to serious illness, accident, or family emergency.  When possible, notice should be given (to the Executive Director, phone 765-702-7529, email at least 24 hours in advance.  More than two unexcused absences may result in dismissal or suspension.  A total of four or more excused and unexcused absences may forfeit the opportunity to perform in that concert cycle.

In case of severe weather, regular rehearsals will be canceled if Burris School is closed for the day. 

Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes before rehearsal in order to be prepared to begin class/rehearsal on time.

Students should have instruments out of cases, if possible, by the beginning of class.  This facilitates tuning and allows for longer instruction time.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on rehearsals.  In all cases, parents must take responsibility for the behavior of their children.  If necessary, a parent may be asked to stay for the duration of class in order to supervise a specific child.  Parents (or their approved delegates) are required to attend Suzuki classes.

Members are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on the YSOECI. This means:

    • Smoking, use of other controlled substances, and alcohol use are not permitted while the member is engaging in YSOECI activities.
    • Keep voices low when dismissed for break and after rehearsal.
    • Food, drinks, and gum should be restricted to permitted areas, not consumed during rehearsal.
    • During rehearsal, cell phone usage (calls and texting) should be restricted to emergency situations only.  Phones should not be visible during rehearsal except in rare circumstances, in which case the Executive Director should be notified.
  • Members should bring a pencil with eraser so that the conductor’s directions may be noted in their music.

Students are expected to practice their YSOECI music outside of rehearsal and come to rehearsal as prepared as possible each week.


Students should practice regularly at home, even if only for a short period of time each day.  Regular daily practice is essential to instrument study, and a significant amount of progress will be seen with only a small investment of time.

For more practicing tips and suggestions, please see your instructor.

Concert Attire

Concert attire is black bottoms and white tops. Bottoms should be dress pants or skirts. Skirts should be knee length or longer. White blouse, collared, and button-up shirts are acceptable. No tank tops, shorts, or casual shoes. Black dress shoes are appropriate, and black socks or hose should be worn with slacks.  If a parent or student has a concern about concert attire, please see the Executive Director or your orchestra conductor.

Parents Committee 

All parents are encouraged to contact the Executive Director if interested in serving on the Parents Committee or in volunteering in any other capacity. 

Summer Scholarships

Traditionally, the YSOECI has offered summer scholarships to its members.  Scholarship applications will be evaluated on the following criteria, among others:  attendance, leadership, longevity, sponsorship participation, discipline, and professionalism.

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